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This website provides in-depth analyses of the institutions and processes that link the EFTA states to the EU. An independent academic blog addresses developments in the EFTA states from a political and legal perspective, thus providing up to date information on the EFTA states' relations with the EU.

Author: Christian Frommelt

The website contains already various analyses on the relationship between Switzerland and the EU. In the coming weeks analyses to the EEA Agreement and differentiated integration in general will be added. The content of the website will be continuously extended. A newsletter will inform you on changes of the website.

The website if funded by the Liechtenstein Institute. The Liechtenstein Institute is an independent research institute based in Bendern (Liechtenstein). The website is to gradually develop into a network of experts for the EFTA states.

The Liechtenstein Institute welcomes article submissions on the EFTA States.



Christian Frommelt, Director and Research Fellow Politics, Liechtenstein Institute


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