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What is is an academic and journalistic forum of debate on the EFTA countries and their relations with the EU. The website seeks to promote the exchange between researchers from the different EFTA countries as well as between academia, media and politics.

What is it about?

The four EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland have an ever-closer relationship with the EU. The academic and political interest in the EFTA countries and their relations with the EU has increased significantly in recent years. Brexit is just one of many reasons for this. Indeed, a close examination of the EFTA countries' relations with the EU offers important conclusions about the causes of differentiated integration as well as the functioning and consequences thereof.


The deeper analysis shows the complexity and diversity of the EFTA states’ relations with the EU. The numerous agreements have created a large number of different institutions and procedures. Against this background the website shall provide a central information platform on the relations between the individual EFTA states and the EU, which contains information on the most relevant institutions and procedures, but also comments current developments.

What does the website contain?

The website has two different sections. The Blog comments on current events and developments concerning the EFTA states while under the heading analyses, the website provides well-founded information on differentiated integration in general, the European Economic Area (EEA) and the relations between Switzerland and the EU.

Who is behind it?


The website was officially launched on 1 March 2019. It is funded by the Liechtenstein Institute and run in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen. The website is to gradually develop into a network of experts for the EFTA states.

The conception and ongoing support of is carried out by the editorial staff under the direction of Christian Frommelt, Christian Franklin and Sabine Jenni. The authors are responsible for the content of the individual articles.

How can you reach us?

The newsletter will keep you up to date on updates.

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