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European Economic Area (EEA)

The Two-Pillar-Structure of the EEA

The higher the level of integration of a state with the EU, the greater is the importance of the institutions that administer this integration. This contribution describes the two-pillar structure of the EEA by focusing on the institutions of the EFTA pillar. >> more 

Institutional Challenges in the EEA

Although the EEA, with its so-called two-pillar structure, has a highly differentiated institutional structure, there are always specific institutional challenges. This analysis gives some examples of such institutional challenges and describes how they have changed the division of competences within the institutional framework of the EEA. >> more

Organizational inclusion of the EEA EFTA states in the EU

Analysis to follow. 


EEA decision-making

Analysis to follow. 


Functional scope of the EEA Agreement

Analysis to follow. 


National Parliaments and the EEA

Analysis to follow. 

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